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Despite a booming tourism industry, Siem Reap province remains one of the poorest in Cambodia with negligible amounts of economic prosperity reaching those in the countryside. Jasmine Lodge has attempted to rectify this where possible with its ‘pro-poor’ employment, tour and food policies. Kunn employs eight permanent

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Our Jasmine family hostel has warmly enjoyable arrangement tours and transportations to Visit the temples and something around Siem reap with local activity of Cambodia in tourists’ dream. 

1.siem reap angkor tour with The white bikes $2/day :

This is the charity bikein siem reap angkor for the jasmine lodge. all moneys from rental is used to maintain the bike and help to make water filters for poor people in the small village. other left use them to sponsor the student who  can not afford to study in government school and English private school to have school and on behalf  the owner of jasminelodge in siem reap angkor Cambodia i would like share to help them as well in taking care of these bikes and putting these bike infront of our guesthouse for helping.



2. The electric bike $4/day with battery change when it is running off. 

2. siem reap angkor tour with Motor bike with driver :( one person only) $7 per day in the Angkor wat area 

Motor bike with English speaking driver is fast enough for your short temple tour holiday as one day your driver will have a good recommendation for you like majority  temples of Angkor wat complex
Highly recommended Motor bike with driver  are good speaking in English, French or Japanese and Thai takes you to visit the different temples if you are alone the driver will wait for you in front of temple whenever you come out from the temple and drive to next one and if additional miles away of mini tour and grand tour will have to talk to your driver asking for the price extra charge first 


3.Angkor tour with Tuk tuk :( 2 or 3 people) $12 ,( 4 people)$14 per day in Angkor wat complex 

Highly recommended tuk tuk with driver speaking Thai, English or French and Japanese the tuk tuk can stay for 3 people in comfortable seat and Fluent in English and culture of Cambodia and local activity of Cambodia. Also I organize from our jasmine lodge and much easy for me to improving the employee and take good care of your stay much better.


4. Angkor siem reap tour with Car with driver gasoline A/C $25 per day:

around the Angkor wat area if more further to 
Banteay srey temple +$10 (4 people only) 
5. Angkor tour with 4WD with driver gasoline A/C $30/day around the angkor wat area if more further 
Banteay srey temple +10$ (4 people only)

6. siem reap tour with Jeep with driver gasoline nice breeze in air $40 perday


This jeep is good experience to driver around and it is left from American wa in Cambodia and all these jeep have been sold from general of Millatary because it is old but our Mechanic technology manufactured it to be reused.



7.angkor package tour waith Mini van with driver gasoline A/C $35/day:around the Angkor wat area if more further to 

Banteay srey+10$ (12 people only) to khbal spean river of thousand lingas further than banteay srey more 15 km and +10$ and going to Phnom koulen and Kbal spean and banteay srey temple $90. and for Beng mealea,banteay srey and Khbal spean $90 as well because the road from beng mealea to banteay along the koulen mountain is really rought road can not go by tuk tuk or small taxi


8. Van With driver gasoline A/C $50/day around the Angkor wat area if more further as 
Banteay srey+$10 (23 people only) 

9.Coaster bus with driver gasoline A/C$60/day: 


only around the Angkor wat area if further as Banteay srey temple +$10(35 People onlyNote: in the Angkor Thom premise they do not allow this 35 seats going in so have to transfer by Van and costs $10 extra.all the transports price above i do arrangement in our jasminelodge.