I want to improve and do not want to be rich

Despite a booming tourism industry, Siem Reap province remains one of the poorest in Cambodia with negligible amounts of economic prosperity reaching those in the countryside. Jasmine Lodge has attempted to rectify this where possible with its ‘pro-poor’ employment, tour and food policies. Kunn employs eight permanent

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house project helping poor villagers

House building project helping poor family in rural site

Many poor Cambodian families have no house and virtually no possessions. Despite this poverty, most families generate a meagre weekly income; it may be by collecting and selling empty plastic bottles or cutting grass for sale to a farmer.My grand fathers house community development workers help these families to develop a vision of a better life and encourage them to join the savings program and send their children to study in our grand fathershouse suplementary school.

Why we are doing this house building project............?

Every time when i was visiting the my grand fathershouse project and i went back to see the villagers around that area and saw there were a few house leaving on oxcart road and i asked them why you do not have your own property to live and how come you live on the road side and they said to me and here used to jungle only and they had cut trees and made a house and they have been living here a long time and they told me more when my grand father was alive gave them the palm leave for making roof of the house. and they told me more their house droping a leak of rain in the night when the rainy season arriving and so one time i promise myself when i have customers visiting my grand father house i will take them to visit this house and this area and now there was one group school from Brisbance left money with us $80 and i build it over this budget so now i paid my own pocket more $80 and then i told my school coordinator told customers and she paid me more $80 and now i  am sure $160 we can build this house.

This is the house when we saw at first time with 5 people living in this bamboo house without proper roof

This is the action of villagers are building the house and some of neighbore in community helping to pass nail and bamboo 

family are sitting with their children accompany of capanters working in the village

Activities of villagers are working on building house in community

Now  new house has been finished to live