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Despite a booming tourism industry, Siem Reap province remains one of the poorest in Cambodia with negligible amounts of economic prosperity reaching those in the countryside. Jasmine Lodge has attempted to rectify this where possible with its ‘pro-poor’ employment, tour and food policies. Kunn employs eight permanent

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Apsara is a maiden beautiful girl dancing for seduction to the king and generals during of Angkor wat Empire.

Apsara dance only $6 for one person start from 7h30 pm to 8h30 p m 
Apsara dance with buffet dinner $12 one person start from 6h30 pm to 8h30 pm 

Booking in advance with our reception desk you can have a special discount: 
Apsara Theater with buffet dinner: $8 only for person start from 2pax ups  and give free to taking out there and brings back to Jasmine lodge. 


Apsara is khmer draditional dance has got variety hairdressers in Angkor wat temple on the column or the wall depicting about khmer girl highest position show only important people during of Khmer empire.

Apsara dance with buffet dinners mostly show in different restaurant  and different prices and most of more an expensive restaurant show name angkor village restaruant and others are Angkor amazon restaurant,Koulen 2 restaruant,Mondial restaurant,jasmine angkor restaurant,Tonle mekong restaurant and Tonle sap restaurant.all these restaurant are serving in different dishes of foods and nice breeze in air watching the show with cambodian culture.the best oppunity of tourists can visit the apsara on stone and then apsara active.