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Despite a booming tourism industry, Siem Reap province remains one of the poorest in Cambodia with negligible amounts of economic prosperity reaching those in the countryside. Jasmine Lodge has attempted to rectify this where possible with its ‘pro-poor’ employment, tour and food policies. Kunn employs eight permanent

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This is the great  village in the part of Tonle sap it is a little bit further from siem reap to the north east of siem reap around 45 km and take an hour on the car and tuk tuk an hour and half feel really nice to visit and less touristy just only a few tourists going there.If you are going to visit kompong kleang like you have been to visit FLoating forest and village because in that place have vietnamese floating house as well and the thing  really beautiful is high house with a long columm and most of people living there more than 2800 people just only Cambodianpeople and with 2 budhist monastery 

          Located about 50km from Siem Reap, Kompong Kleang sits on the northern shore of the vast “inland sea” known as Tonle Sap Lake. It is the largest permanent village on the lake. Each year the fishing community undergoes dramatic and continual changes due to the seasonal flooding caused by the reverse flow of the Tonle Sap River.

The floating village community of Kompong Kleang is moored in the middle of the massive lake and houses are built on stilts up to 10 metres high. A great opportunity is open for tourists to observe the daily village life and see their local market, school and pagoda. As the village is surrounded by a flooded forest, excursions to Kompong Kleang are adapted to the changing environment depending on the lake’s water levels.
      In this high house you can book lunch and dinner as well just only 4$ for one person and then you can get the local food like people are living around there and also you can see the nice views of village around there 

 Kompong Khleang: is one of the largest settlements on the lake. Over 20,000 people live in high stilt houses which tower up to 10 meters over the river. It is a spectacular place which only gets a small number of visitors. 
There is a small island at the centre of the village which has a bustling market and one of several Pagodas, a School and Health Centre. The Pagoda has a brightly coloured painting outside the entrance; depicting Heaven and a rather gory Hell; depicted very graphically. There are also carved stones from the remains of an Angkorian Temple which was once on this site. 
The kids are enthusiastic and cheekily pose anywhere a camera is pointed. Some are quite fascinated by their reflections in the glass of camera lenses. They get much exited when the see their images in the preview screens of digital cameras. The most interesting lake villages are a little further away from the main tourist floating village of Chong khneas and require time to get there. 

For this tours: in our jasminelodge will charge you for Transport like tuk tuk, Taxi -cab and mini van with aircon and  boat  for round trip like:

kompong Kleang tours  

   1 or 2 pax

 3 or 4 pax

 5 pax