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Despite a booming tourism industry, Siem Reap province remains one of the poorest in Cambodia with negligible amounts of economic prosperity reaching those in the countryside. Jasmine Lodge has attempted to rectify this where possible with its ‘pro-poor’ employment, tour and food policies. Kunn employs eight permanent

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Jasmine Family Hostel- Bed and breakfast - swimming pool

Locally owned and managed by Mr. Kunn and Mrs.Jasmine from Jasmine Lodge and his extended family, Jasmine Family Hostel provides a budget-friendly boutique hostel with dormitory and swimming pool in Siem reap Angkor wat temple and 'home-stay-like' alternative for travellers on a budget who not only want to explore the temples of Angkor wat temple, but, perhaps, also might want to stay longer and spend some time working with local community projects.Jasmine family family is part of boutique hostel with private guest kitchens for learning to do cooking class like khmer traditional foods and your own personal cooking everyday ,on behalf of me the owner of jasmine lodge and jasmine family hostel are pleased to suggest you to teach English in diferent local Ngos project around Siem reap province.our jasmine family hostel can provide you advice to do educations,sport,music,agriculture,animal conservation projects with community center in local villages.our jasmine family hostel has cheap mountain bikes for rent
Complimentary drinking water is provided on the day of arrival and there is an in-house cook who will make traditional Khmer meals for lunch and dinner - all at very affordable prices. Alternatively, Jasmine family hostel is popular located just across the road where travellers are welcome to use the Jasmine family hostel Restaurant and meet up with other travellers.
Jasmine family hostel is brand new building with 16 aircon ensuite rooms and also dormitory with owned bathroom and every rooms are with Lcd cable tv and dvd player .it is finished to build in January .2011.It is just off from highway 6 road opposite the jasmine lodge or  ALson angkor paradise hotel and Clinik sokpheap hopital . At the back of Banteay srey restaurant.It is located in quiet greenery garden with shade of mangoes and banana tree and pool view .
Jasmine family hostel is a family-run business owned and managed by Chab Van Kunn, his wife Yandy (Jasmine), and their extended families. It opened in 2003, providing budget accommodation for visitors to Siem Reap/Cambodia. Jasmine family hostel’s development has been driven by two overriding ideologies of its owner.
Creating an improved host/guest relationship. When the guesthouse initially opened in 2003, Kunn travelled to the border of Thailand on a tri-weekly basis to pick up potential guests and bring them back to Siem Reap. On arrival, many chose not to stay at Jasmine Lodge and of those who did, they could often be distant during their stay, not engaging in conversation or forging any kind of relationship with the family. Kunn soon became disillusioned with this sort of business exchange and the poor host/guest interaction that resulted from it.
Spreading the benefits of tourism Kunn wanted to see the benefits of tourism reaching further afield, where fewer opportunities exist for Cambodians. Well versed in the nuances of the tourism industry, having worked as a cook and tour-guide, Kunn was ideally positioned to help expand tourism in the region. Kunn now revels in the tourism exchange, his family are very much a part of any visit, and guests enjoy the genuine interaction, cultural immersion and authenticity they experience from a stay here.
As a result of their efforts, in 2005 Jasmine Lodge received the Lonely Planet Author’s Choice accolade for “going the extra mile” to ensure guests were well looked after. Kunn partly attributes this accolade to the years of success and high occupancy that have followed.
Actively Encouraging Interaction, Cultural Immersion and Understanding Kunn has created an informal “home away from home” for tourists, with a large communal lounging and eating area, encouraging interaction between both his family and fellow travellers. He teaches his guests about the country’s history and culture through conversations with him, his family and his staff, as well as by sharing literature. He also showcases educational / cultural films daily, playing titles such as The Killing Fields, Angkor Wat history, and Have Water Have Fish - Tonle Sap, to name a few.
Actively Encouraging Guests to Stay Longer and Travel Further. To counteract tourist perceptions that Cambodia is only about the Angkor complex, Jasmine Lodge offers, and heavily promotes, a comprehensive list of package tours from 2-7 days both around Siem Reap and further afield. These package tours include trips as far as Phnom Penh, using a network of local transport and accommodation
providers. Tours go beyond the expected temple visits, including trips to off-the-beaten track community projects, initiatives and attractions that many tourists may have otherwise missed with stops at Artisans d’Angkor, the silk farm, floating villages, the handicraft centre, a paddy field visit, the Phnom Koulen waterfall etc.
Policies on Tourism and Poverty Reduction: Despite a booming tourism industry, Siem Reap province remains one of the poorest in Cambodia
with little economic prosperity reaching those in the countryside. Jasmine Lodge has attempted to remedy this where possible with its employment, tour and food policies. Kunn employs eight permanent members of staff (6 general, 1 cook and 1 laundry) and all have been recruited from villages outside of Siem Reap (Kunn: “Tourism does not reach there”). All eight employees receive accommodation and training, and can go to school locally.
They also receive $40 per month in salary. These staff benefit from on-the-job English language training, through interaction with guests.
In addition to the 2-7 day tours, Kunn also offers and promotes alternative tourism experiences in the form of homestays. Using his background and knowledge of the countryside, he offers guests the opportunity to experience rural life, connect with the local communities and eat traditional food,
while spreading the benefits of tourism.
In 2004 Kunn set up the Angkor Jasmine Foundation, a not-for-profit association, hoping to benefit those in isolated villages through tourist philanthropy. Kunn asks guests to donate any unwanted clothes, books, stationery etc and deposit them in a large basket in the reception area. Once every quarter a village is chosen where all the materials are distributed. Tourists are also able to donate cash or offer services in kind, and are encouraged to come along on these charitable 4WD tours to visit the villages. Any cash donations are used for medicines and educational materials (stationery, school uniforms, pens, pencils etc). Large donations can also be made to sponsor children to go to school or recruit English-speaking teachers to teach them.
Early Environmental Measures
While environmental aspects of CSR are currently thin on the ground, the property has recently installed solar panels for heating water. All rooms also include the generic water-saving advice to guests.
Investments in the Project
CSR comes less from any official plans or large financial investments, and more from immersion, education, opportunity, encouragement and support. These have been holistically integrated into the philosophy and day to day running of the business, leading to a mutually positive experience
and a thriving guesthouse, while optimising the chances of spreading the benefits of any tourism.
Some of the initiatives may actually be saving the guesthouse money. For example, by acting as a sort of hospitality school, providing opportunities and training to rural people, Jasmine Lodge saves on the wages that would have to be paid to more experienced recruits.
The guesthouse received much guidance from Thomas Holdo Hansen of angkorhotels.org (worldhotellink). Notably he assisted Kunn in creating the comprehensive website showcasing the accommodation, which approximately 70% of the business is now believed to come through.
Financial Benefits for the Company and Other Stakeholders
With around $500 per month spent on food at local markets and $320 per month on 8 staff from isolated rural areas, Jasmine Lodge has an estimated continuing ‘propoor’ value of $9,840 per annum. However, the less tangible benefits (i.e. training, livelihoods) and unofficial knock-on financial benefits of the various initiatives (i.e. tourists travelling further / staying longer), are believed to be a lot higher.The benefits of implementing the initiatives for Jasmine Lodge are clear with high occupancy, very little seasonality, the Lonely Planet endorsement, satisfied clientele and much word of mouth recommendation.
“Staying in Jasmine family hostel made us feel like at home. Mr. Kunn and his staff have been very accommodating really friendly,honest and well versed of culture and his country history. He also shared his knowledge of the tourist attractions there, recommending to us where are the good places to visit besides Angkor Wat. Thanks also to the tuk-tuk driver, Mr Chong, for driving us around and being so humble even though he is a man of a few words. I will definitely come back to Siem Reap and stay at Jasmine family hostel”. Sarina & Kelly, Singapore.

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Facilities and What's FREE!

We throw in more free things than anyone else! We have recently added free wireless internet in the entire building, adding to our list of free stuff:

  • Free coffee and tea between 12 pm & 4 pm
  • Free swimming pool
  • Daily cleaning the rooms
  • Free BBQ grill and parties
  • Free highspeed wifi internet
  • Free huge breakfast
  • bags storage room 
  • Free  DVD Movie in rooms
  • Free cold water on arrival
  • Free refill drinking water
  • Free books exchange
  • Free daily Newspaper
  • Free Guesthouse kitchen
  • Free Angkor guide books, Map
  • Emergency medical assistance service